Part Eleven

Part Eleven: 

Hopefully this will be a super long post!

That night Naser’s family came over. Fajer was the first to greet them at the door.
“Faye wala Fajer?” asked Naser’s mom, who was the first one to walk into their house.

“Fajer khalty”

“Hala fajoor, shlounich?” Naser said with a smile beaming. “He whitened his teeth” she thought “3abala he’s going to impress Faye? Who am I kidding, Faye would die for that smile.”

She didn’t reply back and turned to his dad.

“Hala 3amy, shlounick?” 

“Tamam, ou shlounich entay bnayty? 3asach eb khair?”

“El7imdilah… Um etfathilaw el7een anady oumy ou oboy”

“Ou Faye” Naser added who stood in the same spot as his parents found their way to their living room.

“ If your parents were here, I would have stabbed you in the eye with my heels. Your not getting Faye. She doesn’t want you, just for the heads up”

Naser’s world came crashing down.

His smile in less than a second turned to frown. All he could see was this little girl telling him he wont get the women he loved. What the reason he;s coming here anyway? It was to see if Faye accepted him to be her hubby, till eternity.

“Weeh weh! Faye laish ma nadaiteeny!!” Her mom rushed down the stairs as her shoes made a flip flopping noise.

“Kent yaya a93ad”

Her mom cut her off, naday oboch ga3ed e6al33 el akhbar, ma yadry ena w9elaw”

Fajer took one last glance at Naser who turned white and took off her to call her dad.

Once upstairs she went to her dad’s room “Baba, ohma ta7at”

“yala kanyy” he sstood up but continued to watch the news.

“Baba tara ohma ta7at!!” she told him a second time

“6al3a 3ala oumich, chabreet” her dad kissed her forehead and left the room.

“Psssst, Psssst” Faye called opening her rooms door just an inch wide.

“Besmila sfheech! Tara ohma ta7at mu ehny”

“Adry silly” and that is when she opened her door wide open “do I look bad?”

Fajer eyed her from head to toe. “No, do you wana look bad?”


“Neyahaha, ok”

Fajer went into her sisters room “jeans and a tee wont make you look bad, apply eyeliner and mascara”


“ I know !! Trust me on this one”

Faye applied both eyeliner and the mascara before she started tickling her.

Faye started screaming, laughing and crying all at the same time. Her mascara and eyeliner saaa7.

“Take a look at your face now” said fajer

Faye took one look of herself in the mirror  “YOU’RE A GENUIS! What other tricks do you have up your sleeve?”

“Where the Argan oil?”

“In the bathroom”

“Yeebly eya” said Fajer

Faye got up and got the oil, then faye applied it only to the roots of her hair

“WAI3 IT LOOKS LIKE I CAN FRY EGGS WITH THE OIL ON MY HAIR” Faye said shocked at what she was see’ing in the mirror

“I know” Fajer said with a smile that seemed it was going to rip the sides of her lips.  “Do you like there jeans?”

Faye looked at them “no I was actually going to throw them away but …..”

Fajer cut her off “scissors please” and she started tearing and snipping pieces the jeans.  “Don’t touch my masterpiece and now u are free to go down stairs.

“yes master” and faye walked out her room with a pair of bathroom flip flips

Just as she reached the stairs her mom met her. Shocked at the appearance of her daughter she pulled her back upstairs before the guests were able to see her.

“Alah yel3an ebleesich” and then she started laughing covering her mouth. “Semsawya eb nafsich!”

When Fajer saw that her mom was laughing she said “Hatha my masterpieces, shrayich?

“Taboun etkhar3oun el rayal? KHARA3TAW EL YENANWA EL IB HAL BAIT” All three were laughing hysterically  “Mama goumay ghaslay ou nezlay, etha entay mataena me7na emgha9beenich”

The sister’s hi-fived each other. Fajer went into her room to wash up and Faye went downstairs with her mom.

After suwalif

“Haa wain el 3aroos” said Um Na9er

“Kany” Faye said as she walked down the stairs.

Salemat as though there was nothing wrong with her earlier. Salemat 3ala Naser as well.

After dinner when the 3azeema came to an end, Oum Naser spoke again “E7na yaina enchouf rad Faye 3al mawthou3 el etkalamna feeh”

“Khalty ana lail7een 9ghera mu nawya atzawaj. Tawny bedait ashteqil, ou lail7een mu emfakra bel zawaj" 

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Part Ten

Part Ten

Faye stomped into house, furious at Naser, HOW COULD HE!

"Faye" a voice called out from a corner in the living room


"Alah ysalmich 7abeebty, shlouniich, shakhbarich, walah eshtigtlich yal khaysa! Ba3ad el ghada ba36eekum kelshay yebtlikum eya!"

"WANASA! Entay shlounich!"


For a few minutes Fajer and Faye forgot that their dad was sitting right there.

"Fajer, 3ndy lich khabar bs kent em2ajla shway lana oumich kanat emsafra, bes athen el wakt el7een munsaeb ena enaqshich fee"

"Khair" Faye didn't want anymore trouble

"Naser etqadam lich, we7na chayfena rayal em9aly ou emsamy, ou 3arfeen ahla 3adel"her dad spoke

"Shrayich 7abeebty"Faye's mom asked with a smile plastered on her face


Fajer was shocked at her sister's action. She heard her on the phone telling her friend how she found him really good looking. She thought her sister might finally be in love again

It was lunch time and Faye locked herself in her room. She want to lay in her bed and sleep hoping that she'd wake up and find all of this to be dream.

She ignored the constant knocks on her door from her mom, dad and the nanny

Fajer did the same. As much as wanted nothing but the best for her sister, she didn't want her to get married and leave the house. In the huge mansion they lived in, she will be the only one there. Both of her parents will always be busy. She missed her brother so much, and she wished he was here.

Fajer was studying in the UK before she was forced to come back home, after brother's death.

Rumors and high school drama caused her to loose contact with everyone she graduated with, both guys and girls. She thought London would be a new page of her life, a new story, but sadly it ended way too soon.

She felt so lonely. She had no friends, her cousins all studied abroad, and now they were going to take her best friend, Faye.

She cried herself to sleep.

It was 6:00 when Faye woke her up. She was excited. "FUDGE WAKE UP! MAMA'S GOING TO GIVE US OUR GIFTS NOW"

She sat up a bit confused, was that all a dream? Or was it true? Faye was truly happy..
She went into her moms room to find tops of make-up pallets, clothes, accessories, shoes, bags.

"Wow, kel hatha in one bag mama?"

"La 7abeebty" her mom giggled, that was my third bag ou 7a6ain aqrath eb jan6at yaditich

Faye sat on the floor, "Sheno 7agy? I don't and won't share my stuff weyaha"

"UH! I WONT SHARE MY STUFF WITH YOU!" Fajer threw a pillow a her sister.

"Bs 3ad thnainatkum, 3eglaw"

They spent an your opening stuff, trying things on, and fighting on who got what. Each sister had a pile next to her and declared what was hers. It was then her mother reminded Fajer that it was all a reality.

"Faye, shfech 7abeebty, entay chayfa 3aib eb Naser? Walah rayal zain ou mu7taram, ou ekhaf raba, laish mu emwafqa?"

"Mama 9akray el mawthou3, ma abyyy!" Faye rolled her eyes

"Shagoul 7ag ouma el7een? Mu 3aib areda bedoun sebab?"

"la mu 3aib, if you can't do it, ill do it myself"

Fajer couldn't take the words coming out of her moms mouth so she picked up her stuff and went to her room.

Though she was a room away, she could still hear her mom trying to convince Faye.

"Bacher ra7 yetghadoun 3endina, ou engouluhum"

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Part Nine

Part Nine

It was the lunch break at work, and everyone had gathered around a colleague who was celebrating their birthday.

They were all singing happy birthday except for Naser. He was just moving his lips and staring at Faye. Her bright red lips were singing and she giggled while she clapped. She was gorgeous.

Then he noticed the guy from this morning. He too was eyeing Faye, but she was oblivious to the whole thing.

When they finished everyone head to the little sandwiches that were there and started cutting up slices of cake.

Naser went up to the guy that Faye said hi too. "7abeebi, 3ady akalmick?"

"Eee khair" he replied eating a sausage roll

"Ta3al weyay" Naser took him to his desk away from all the loya that was going on

"7abeebi, mumkin etwakher 3an el ebnaya?"

The guy gave him a silly look "Meno, Faye? Laish bala? Ou meno enta?"

At this point Naser did think about it. Laish? Meno ana 3ashan agoula wakher 3anha. "Ana kha6ebha"

The words just came out of his mouth.

The guy looked a bit startled. "La? 9ij? Mmm.. mabrooken 3ayal" and he headed back to the party.

When he noticed Naser going to the bathroom, he went up to Faye, and with a horrible nafsiya he whispered "Mabrook. Ma geltely"

Faye looked so confused with his remark "Mabrook 3ala sheno?" she asked adding a nervous giggle

"Khe6oubtiich to the new guy"

He didn't give Faye the chance to reply back, he just gave her his back. She looked all over the office for Naser until she spotted him leaving the men's room. She went up to him and pulled him back into the mens toilet.

"This is the men's toilet" he said


"Faye, calm down, ma 9ar shay bs nathrita lich kana wa9kha"  Naser tried to defend himself


He nodded and she left the mens room only to bump into the guy.

"Wopsi, kharabt your personal times?"


She headed to her cubicle, gathered her stuff, and headed to the lobby. There she called her boss and told him that she was going to leave early. Then she called Fajer to pick her up.

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Part Eight

Part Eight:
That night Naser made a few calls: "7abeebii, shlounick? Ebkair alah ysalmick, 6elabtick Bu 3abdallah, hal raqam mum kin etchayek mukalimata? Mashkooor wayedd" 

He paced back and forth in his bed room. For the first time, in a very long time he felt something weird in his heart. He loved her. He wanted her. He didn't any other man to look at her. He couldn't wait to work with her. 

On his first day of his job, he woke up early. "What a restless night" he mumbled to himself as the alarm went off. Naser wasn't nervous of his new job, he was nervous and excited to finally work with Faye. She has been occupying every thought. 

He got ready and went downstairs to see his younger sister having breakfast and reading a magazine. "Hala bel ghalya" 

"Hii nasooor" 

"Whats for breakfast?" he asked as he messed up her hair

"Nothing, Im grabbing starbucks on my way to school, maly khelg adawem" 

"Its your senior year ou ma bugs shay tetkharijain then ur off to Miami!" he hovered her. He grabbed the Kinder Bueno that she had next to her and ran to the door trying to hold his ghetra so it doesn't fly away

"HEYYY NASER TA3AL! THATS MY LUNCH FOR SCHOOOL" screamed his little sister

"YALAH 9BA7 KHAIR SHFEEKUM" his dad talked in a really loud voice as he walked down the street.

"Hala yuba" both calmed down

"hala fekum" ...."ghalooy, yala muta ray7a el madrisa 9arat 7:10" 

"Kany I was just getting my bag" she grabbed the chocolate bar out of her brothers hand and kissed her dads head as she walked out

"Nasoor, yuba mer 3ala Faye, oboha tawa dag 3alay ou gal sayart'ha ma teshtighel ou sayeghum raye7 el ma6ar eyeb omhum. Ekhitha ou ru7aw el dawam ... bs haa derbalick 3alaiha" 

At this point Naser was smiling from ear to ear, and he blushed a bit. If his dad wasn't there he would have done the chicken dance but he managed to hold himself together.

Salam 3ala obo and he sped to Faye's house. When he got there he didn't know what to do. Was he supposed to ring the bell, or honk? He sat there for a couple of minutes before his dad called "Ha wlaidi, we9alt 3endhum?" 

"Ee yuba, 3ady etdeg 3ala oboha wetgoula ana bara?"

"Ee yala, ma3a salama" 

A couple of minutes later, the nanny came out and knocked on the passenger window "Nasar?" 

"Yes" he replied

"Madam Faye still not ready, baba say come have breakfast" 

That very second Faye's dad showed up at the door of their house eb dishdashat el bait waving at him to come in. 

Naser parked his car ou nezal salam 3ala her dad. "Hala 3amy shlounick" 

"Eb khair wenta shlounick ta3al desh etrayag, faye yabeelha ba3ad rube3 sa3a 3ala matkhale9" 

"mashkoor 3amii" 

He walked into the house to find Faye walking down the stairs in a light blue pencil skirt with a white top. He hair was in loose wavy curls and she had red lipstick on. 

He tried not to stare but she was beautiful. 

Faye was shocked to find Naser in their house. She gave her dad a weird look "9ba7 el chair baba" 

"9aba7 el noor 7abebty .... Fayouna sayartich ma teshtiqel fa Naser bewa9lich weyeebich men el dawam" 

"Ohh ... wain el sayeg?" she asked

"Raye7 eyeeb omich ou yaditich men el ma6ar. Ta3alaw etrayegaw" 

"Thanks baba but I have an early meeting" 

"3ayal khala9 namshy el7een, mashkoor 3amy" Naser replied back

When outside, Faye was nervous. Would she sit in the front or in the back? She didn't know what to do.

She peaked in the back seat window and noticed it was occupied with paper work, cd's and a couple of shopping bags. There was nor pom to sit back there so she decided to sit in the front.

The car ride was quiet and awkward. Naser tried to make small talk, but the conversation would end very fast. 

The parking lot was quite empty so Naser parked the closest to the entrance. A guy parked next to them/ 
"Mashkoor Naser, ma ga9art. Have a good first day" 

"Mashkoura 7ab - Faye" 

He wanted to bang himself on the steering wheel for almost calling her 7abeebty. Thank god hear him. 
As both nezlaw men the car Faye turned to the guy that got down from the car that was parked next to them. 

"Caramel frappacino with extra caramel and a four cheese" that guy said as he handed her a Starbucks bag

"Faye" Naser startled her in a loud voice

He was in absolute rage but noticed he could tell her anything.

He turned his frown into a fake smile "will you show me around"

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Hey guys!

I hope you like the story, but Im so sorry I haven't been posting lately, but Ive been running around with doctor appointments since Im having several procedures being done. On top of that Im studying for exams .....

So let me start off by congratulating the class of 2012, either at uni or school!

And for the rest good luck on your exams!

And finally to those that have finished, ENJOY YOUR SUMMER HOLIDAY!

I cant wait till Im back home, so my life is kind of all over the place in order to get back asap!
As soon as Im back in Kuwait, I'll be posting a lot more often!

Lots of love!

(Read the previous post, a new part is up!)

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Part 7: Rolling Down the River

Part Seven: 

Faye kept working with Naser as professional as she can. She talked formally and always returned to business a soon as she felt like Naser was getting off topic. 

"Faye wain el tekrimeen el 7amam?" Naser asked as he grabbed his constantly flashing, vibrating phone. 

"Awa9lick, lana ana ray7a el ma6bakh. Taby may aw 3a9er, or coke?" Faye replied back taking the lead 

"Juice sounds good" 

She led him to the guests bathroom and headed to the kitchen as she asked the nanny to get juice and place them on the table they were working on while she grabbed the goodies bowl which was filled with chocolate. 

When she passed by the bathroom she heard him "Ya3goub! Walah ehya! Wallah laish achatheb 3alaick! Mashala 3alaiaha, she knows exactly what she's doing! Walah ya shagoul! Inzain ana chena 6awalt, bacher el ghada eb slider weya m7md ou baje el shabab americk wagoulick kelshay!" 

After that Faye ran a few steps before the bathroom's door was unlocked. She turned around .. 

"Sorry 6awalt" he shot her his million dollar smile

Fayes heart sank "La 3ady, I just had goodies break too" 

He said something but Faye turned around and walked back to the table. All she could think about was "what does that mean ......... " 

It was 15 minutes after that incident when Naser's dad came to the table "Ha 3assa khala9taw?" 

"Ha ee youba, mashala 3alaiha wayed sa3edatny" Naser replied back picking up his paper work "Mashkoura Faye, ma ga9artay"

"El 3afu" she smiled and picked up her cocktail juice box "etha e7tijt ays hay layridick ela elsanick" 

"Mashkoura wayed" he replied smiling

Faye saw that both her father and Naser's dad were facing the other way so she ran up the stairs. She couldn't help it, but she forgot that Naser was watching her the whole time. He let out a laugh..

"Haw shfeeck Nasoor?" asked his dad 

"Ha la maku, Ya3goubo daz nekta" 

They left Faye's house with a smile plastered on  Naser's face eager for tomorrow to come so he can tell his best friend what just happened 

Faye went to her room and tried to call her best friend Noor but she was at a wedding and wasn't picking up. Fajer had fallen asleep. She had to vent to someone, she was excited but confused and didn't know how to feel


The next day, 

Naser parked in front of Ya3goubs house

Incoming Call

"Hala Nasoor, ent ta7at?" 

"Ee yala enzil" 

As soon as he got into the car, Naser smiled and screamed "YA3GOUB!! 7ABAITT!" 

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Part 6: A cell sized post

Part Six:

"Fayooona! Faaye 7abeebty ta3alay el maktab!"

"Enshala baba!" after she walked into her dads house office she said "Hala baba khair?"

"7abeebty, elyoum la te6li3een, et3arfeen sheriiky bel sharika 3amich Mohammed?"

"Ee shfeeh?" she plopped into the brown leather sofa in front of his desk

"Elyoum yay, welda kan yeshtiqil bara ou tawa rad, ou ye7taj musa3ada eb a project bel sharika el teshtaqlain feha, lana ra7 yeshtiqil ma3ach"

"Ee mu mushkila, agoul baba, oumy meta rada?"

"Hal sbou3 enshala, yaditich mataby etrid el kuwait 3ala 6oul, miskeena 3gub shahrain bel mustashfa ma aloomha, khaleha etghayer jaw"

"Yay! I can't wait 7ag el hadaya!!"

"Hatha el entay fal7a fee"

Faye giggled and left her dads office and headed to Fajers room "Fudgee"

"Yeah" she was watching the last episodes of Desperate Housewives

"Oboy gal ma ne6la3 cuz his friend yay weya weld and apparently he's going to work in the company, ou he's stuck aw shay chithy, so enkhaleha bacher enru7 shopping?"

"Yeah okie dokie! Do you think the guys cute?"

"FAJER! How dare you!"

"Oh chub, I know your wondering the same thing" Fajer laughed at her sister blushing


That night

The nanny walked into Faye's room were Fajer was chatting with her sister as Faye was getting ready "Paye, Paye, sir say come down his friend here with ooooh handsome son"

"I TOLD YOU! AKEED BEKOUN 7ELO" Fajer screamed

"You idiot! Ga9ray 7isich!"

Faye stuck her tongue out as she left her room.

As she walked down the stairs she noticed her dad sitting with his friend, and there was no other guy.

"El Salam 3alaikum" - she said

"Ou 3alaikum el salam' both men replied back

"Shlounich Faye?" asked Mohammed - her friends dad

"Zaina, el7imdilah wenta shlounick 3amy?"

"Ebkhair damich eb khair, hatha weldy warach, ye7taj musa3ada ou gelt mara wa7da ayeey amir 3ala oboch ensoulif"

Faye giggled and turned back to see the same guy that punched the brains out of Talal's head in Johnny Rockets

Both were shocked.

"Hi, Im Faye" she brought out her arm

"Wana Naser" he shook her hand

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